Nutrition Consultations
A five-day food, beverage, and exercise diary is required at every initial nutrition consultation.  
Please click on the icon below to view a diary template; you are welcome to print and use this template to record your five days.
Whether you use this template or your own,
please include all of the same information that I ask for in this template.
Food Diary Template

Initial Nutrition Consultation

Every new client begins with a 75-minute Initial Nutrition Consultation.  Within this first meeting, we will do a complete mind-body assessment of your current nutritional health and overall wellness.  This meeting will include a review of your:

  • Intake Form, which includes your goals in nutrition and wellness, a review of your sleep, medical history, social and emotional wellness;

  • Symptom Survey;

  • Food-Beverage-Exercise diary;

  • Lab results from your recent blood work (within the past 6 months)

Cost: $80

Payable by cash, credit, or check

Monthly Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

After the Initial Nutrition Consultation, you can choose to work with me on a monthly basis to achieve your long-term goals in nutrition and wellness.

Each month includes:

  • One in-person 60-minute consultation

  • Bi-weekly check-in via text, phone call, email or Google Hangout

  • Recipe sharing

  • Behavior-change coaching

  • Inspiration and accountability

Cost: $150 per month

Payable by cash, credit, or check

Individual Follow-up Visits

Alternatively, after your Initial Nutrition Consultation, you can choose to meet with me as needed by scheduling one-time Follow-up Visits.  This option is ideal for those who feel confidently in their ability to create and maintain changes to their health and wellness, without weekly support.

Cost: $60 for 60-minute visit

Payable by cash, credit, or check

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Weekly meal plans can be added on to any nutrition consultation for an additional fee of $60/hour.  Depending on the specificity of dietary needs, most 1-week meal plans cost $30-90.