Whether you run the race, 

come out to support other runners,

or visit us in the Finger Lakes

just to take in the vistas,

the fresh, local foods,

and delicious regional wines,

the Twisted Branch 100K

is a phenomenal showcase of

the gorgeous Finger Lakes area of New York State that you won't want to miss!

This year Happy Belly Nutrition is proud to support the Twisted Branch 100K community, again, by preparing the food for the finish line of the race.

In 2016 we were very fortunate to partner with the following local food growers and producers to offer a nourishing meal to everyone who tempted, finished, and volunteered for the 100-kilometer trail race:

Ithaca Hummus

Squash Blossom Farm

Big Mamou Organic Farm

Fisher Hill Farm

GreenStar Cooperative Market