Eight-Minute Breakfast for a Low-Intensity Workout Day

You know I'm all about the whole-food, real-food way of life. I make my breakfast from scratch just about every morning. Exceptions might include: travel days; super-early-morning days; and just pure lazy days.

Other than that, I find at least five minutes, even on super rushed mornings, to heat up a fry pan and cook something.

Here's a pretty simple, eight-minute breakfast that you could make on a typical week-day morning for yourself and/or your spouse/kids. The ingredients list and directions may seem like a lot - and they are - but once you do this once, you'll realize, it really is quite simple. Read it over, plan ahead (make sure you have all ingredients, say, the night before you endeavor to make this), and then give it a shot! It'll get easier the more you do it! :)

I recommend this breakfast for a day that you are exercising, with low-moderate intensity/duration.

The Eight-Minute Breakfast

What You'll Need (per person):

2 Eggs (substitute for tofu or beans)

3 Mushrooms (I prefer Shiitake)

Coconut oil (or butter or olive oil)

A few sprigs of Parsley

3 Leaves of Kale (dinosaur/lacinato/tuscan) de-stemmed

1 small shallot

5 Cherry Tomatoes

1 piece whole-grain, sourdough bread (in a pinch, I use Ezekiel brand)

1/2 Tbsp butter (organic, .local, grass-fed)

2 Tbsp almond butter (or other nut/seed butter)

1/4 cup kimchi or sauerkraut

1 giant handful of fresh lettuce

1/4 avocado

sea salt

black pepper

extra virgin olive oil (a.k.a. evoo)

balsamic vinegar

Kitchen Utensils:

A stove top, a fry pan, a cutting board, a chopping knife, a wooden spoon (or spatula), a toaster oven.

Here's How to Make it Happen:

Heat your fry pan over medium-low heat; put 1 Tbsp oil in the pan. While the oil is heating, slice/dice the shallot, slice the mushrooms, roughly chop the kale, roughly mince the parsley.

Toss the shallot into the warm oil, cook for 30 seconds. Add the mushrooms, crack sea salt and black pepper over top - be generous here. After one minute for the mushrooms, add the kale leaves and a big splash of water. "Stir" with a wooden spoon.

Place toast in toaster and set to toast to your liking.

Crack two eggs (or sliced tofu or cooked beans) into the pan; over the course of two minute, gently break the yolks with the wooden spoon and stir the eggs into the shallot/mushroom/kale mix to make pan-scrambled eggs. Remove from pan/ put on plate.

Return fry pan to medium-low heat. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and fry in remaining oil for 1-2 minutes.

Continue to build your plate while the tomatoes cook: add the lettuce, top with evoo and vinegar, avocado, kimchi. Remove toast from toaster, slather with butter and nut butter, add to plate.

Last thing: remove cherry tomatoes from heat, add to plate. Turn off stove. Crack salt and black pepper over the whole dish, and finally, top with diced parsley.

Sit, savor, and enjoy!!