Nutrition Faux Pas: What Not To Do During Training

I'm sure you've all been here before. The run that doesn't go well, the bike ride from hell, the swim that makes you think you'll drown and be in the water forever.

So many things can make a workout go awry. Nutrition is one of them.

Just for kicks, here are a few nutrition tips for how not to train:

1. Do not eat 3 (or any) ounces of smoked salmon 10 minutes before going out for a run on a 95-degree day, even if the run is only 3-miles long.

2. Do not eat a small dinner, followed by a small breakfast (or no breakfast at all), and then try for a late-morning swim in a lake that's thirty minutes from your house, without bringing any snacks in the car with you.

3. Never leave the house without (healthy) snacks, workout included or not!

4. Do not attempt a hill-repeat workout at three o'clock in the afternoon when you've been up since 5:30 AM and have only eaten breakfast and half of a lunch.

5. Rarely, if ever, should you consume upwards of 200 mg of sodium per hour during and endurance event.

6. Do not sit around all morning drinking nothing but coffee and then attempt a run, bike, swim, hike, or anything else.

7. Do not eat green beans twenty minutes before a run, unless you're superhuman.

Please feel free to add your own nutrition faux pas! It's fun and helpful to learn from our mistakes.

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