The Five-Minute Power Breakfast (please forgive the awkward camera angle)

You know those mornings: you feel like you need to rush out of the house to whatever duties of the day are shouting your name, without even taking a moment to remember your own name. Wouldn't it be great to nourish your body with energy and goodness to carry you through all that you have to do on these busy days?

I had one of those mornings today. Fortunately I had just enough brain power from the beautiful sunshine to figure out just what type of near-instantaneous breakfast I could rummage together for myself.

I thought: Okay, what foods are in my house right now and what do I absolutely need to eat this morning to get me through to the next feeding time?

I have a delicious poppy-seed baguette (slow- and cool- fermented) from Flour City Bread.

I have fresh eggs from Smith Run Farms

I have lemon-dill hummus from Ithaca Hummus

I have my favorite ruby sauerkraut from Small World Foods and I have avocados from...the other side of the world

So we can't be all local all the time. But, trying is half the battle.

Okay, so, let's whip it up!

Toast the bread. Fry the eggs in coconut oil. Smother the bread in organic butter. Lather on the hummus. Slice the avocado and carefully lay on top of the hummus. Add the eggs. Top with Saurkraut.

As I said, please forgive the awkward camera angle.  It's good to leave room for improvement, right?

Oh yeah, and because I'm not exactly a "small eater", I also had half an apple with mounds of organic peanut butter.

This type of breakfast is great for any day. It would also work perfectly well as a lunch (or even a dinner). This is the type of thinig I'd eat on a day when I know I need lots of brain power and lots of energy - whether for work, play, or a run workout.

I hope you enjoy!

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