1 bunch dino kale (aka lacinato and Italian)

1 heaping tablespoon coconut or olive oil

1 tablespoon water (or call it a splash)

ample sweet paprika (1-2tsp)

ample freshly-cracked sea salt (call it 15 cracks of the grinder)




Place a large skillet over medium-low heat, add oil and let melt/warm.  (If you do not have a large skillet, cut this recipe in half; it's likely that all the kale will not fit in a medium skillet at once.)  Also add the salt and paprika.  Briefly stir the paprika and salt into the oil while the oil heats.


While the skillet and oil are warming, rinse and destem all your kale leaves (wrip the leaves off the stem); either discard the stems or reserve them for use at a later time - like a vegetable stock or dip them in hummus or add them to a casserole.  Rip the kale leaves into small pieces - 1-2" inch cubes


Once the oil is hot, add all your kale leaves and the splash of water.  With a wooden spoon, mix the kale leaves into the oil - be sure to coat as much of the leaves as you can with the salt-and-paprika-laden oil.  Cook for about a minute or until the kale leaves turn bright green (this may be less than one minute if the kale is really fresh).



Note: the fresher your kale, the better this recipe will be and the faster the kale will cook.  Please shop your farmers market, grow your own, or check out Abundance Coop or Lori's Natural Foods for your best bet on freshest kale.


Note II: I prefer to use the dino kale for this recipe.  I've tried using curly leaf kale, red russian, and purple kale.  None of them turn out quite as well with this recipe as the dino kale, in my opinion.


Note III: if you like crispy or burnt things, try cooking the kale a couple minutes longer over medium heat...letting the edges of the kale leaves cook to a crisp in the hot skillet.

Dino Kale with Sweet Paprika

If you're like me, one whole bunch of kale makes enough for two servings.  If you're not like me (yet), one whole bunch of kale may make four-five servings.


Cook time: 5 minutes