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May 30, 2017

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Veggie Fry

October 19, 2016

Not a whole lot to say here, just hoping to support any interested bellies in eating more veggies! :)


I can't say I come across a lot recipes that are straight up about vegetables...unless it's supposed to be some sort of vegetable-remake of a meat dish.


Consider this Part I of my endeavor to share the myriad ways I cook vegetables.  And please join me in trying out the recipes!



I also want to add a quick tip for encouraging kids to try more veggies:

Quick tip for encouraging kids to try more veggies: add fruit!


In the recipe that follows, try adding grated or sliced fresh apple or pear.

The healthiest vegetables are the bitterest ones.  For inexperienced pallets, the bitter might not taste so good.  Why not sweeten the deal with fresh, local, seasonal fruit?!