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May 30, 2017

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(no) "Chicken" Lentil Salad

October 17, 2016

Fan of chicken salad?  Need more fiber in your diet?


Look. no. further.


As a general population, we United Statesians eat way too much meat for our own good (and for the environment's own good).  Also as a general population, we United Statesians do not eat enough fiber for our own good.


Fiber-rich foods include beans (legumes), lentils (pulses), vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit [listed in order of most fiber to least fiber].


A simple rule of thumb that I regularly share with clients and friends is to start using legumes and lentils as meat substitutes in at least a few meals every week.  Doing this kills two birds with one stone (pun intended?), and fires up your digestive and immune systems.


Save your health, save the environment.




For this recipe I took a classic and simple chicken salad concept and replaced the chicken with red lentils.  You could use any type of lentil, but today I chose the red lentils because I was short on time and the red lentils cook up really quickly (about 10 minutes!).