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May 30, 2017

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Let's Talk About Race Food

April 20, 2016

And the fact that today is 420.


In the running world I think it's pretty common to always be asking around trying to find out what so and so eats for breakfast before a race, or for dinner the night before, and also what goes down the hatch during the race.


Lot's of you have commented on my report from this past weekend's Breakneck race - thanks so much for reading! - so I just want to take a few minutes to recap what was also an extraordinary food day for Natalie in the world of trail racing.


The race was Saturday morning at 7 AM.  Let's recap what I did on Friday.  We'll preface by saying that Thursday also matters, but I actually can't remember that far back at this point :)


On Friday I had one of my typical breakfasts of oats, eggs, kale, kraut, and avocado.  Midday I had a little bit of quinoa, kidney and cannelini beans (that had been cooked up with onion, garlic, cabbage, and a few spices), and a delicious red leaf romaine salad with oil and vinegar.  On my drive down to Beacon (oops, yes, I eat in the car...far too often...even though this is one of the biggest "nutrition faux pas"...) I ate a little bit of this delicious leftover lentil salad that my students had made in class the day before, with more quinoa.  I probably ate a banana and almond butter too.  Upon arriving at the campsite I was bombarded by throngs of people leaving to go out to dinner.  I hadn't planned to eat out, but I figured, what the heck, why not blend in? :)  At the restaurant (which was incredible, by the way; thanks again to Elizabeth for the suggestion - The Hop) I drank 6 ounces of a delicious Catskill Brewery beer - Darbee's Irresistible Pale Ale - lots of water, a bowl of herb polenta, and a kale salad with Lox.  Woah, delicious.  That salmon was insane.  Ask Joel.