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May 30, 2017

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Exonerate REAL Bread!

March 21, 2016

Disclaimer: this will be in no way a complete exposition of bread, bread-making, flour, grains, the wheat "nemesis", or this gluten-free health craze.  This will be the first of many brief discussions intended to expose the severely flawed approach to industrialized bread-making (and food-making!) in this country.


Disclaimer Part II: I am not a baker, I don't profess to be a baker, I am just not that savvy.  If you are a baker reading this, and you find any of this information to be in error, please let me know!  My goal here is to vindicate those bread bakers out there who know what they're doing and who are making nutritionally-sound, delectable, REAL breads.  If that's you, let it be known!!  And thank you!


Disclaimer Number Three: Yes, unfortunately, you can eat too much bread.  You can eat too much of anything.  All things in moderation, please, including moderation.




"Bread" is not "bad for you".  In fact, "bread" can be a ridiculously nourishing food.  And for those endurance athletes among us who aren't afraid of eating carbohydrates, "bread" can be an insanely powerful food to get you through those silly miles.


So, for starters, pun intended, let's talk about starters.  What four ingredients do you need to make bread?  Water, flour, yeast, and salt.  Do you know what most industrialized bakeries use for yeast?



Packaged yeast.  What is that stuff?  I'll admit, I've used it before.  Yeah, you have to activate it first with a little warm water and sugar, and then you add it to your flour so that the dough will rise.


But do you really know why yeast is part of bread-making?  Do you know that yeast is naturally occuring in the environment all around us?  Do you know that to make honest to goodness nutritious bread, you don't need to use these little yeast packets?